No one should have to work in pain. Repetitive strain injuries are common with computer use if the workstation and equipment are not set up to fit the individual.

A poorly designed workstation setup can be a catalyst to not only pain but it can also lead to a loss of initiative, enthusiasm, increased distraction and lack of motivation.

Your workspace should fit like it was made just for you. Good workstation design fosters wellness and engagement, leading to a higher level of performance and satisfaction.

The following services include education and an action plan to create a healthier workspace:

Healthy Workstation Training

This one hour webinar provides training and awareness on ergonomic concepts to prevent discomfort while working on the computer. Attendee(s) will learn how to identify risk factors and to improve their workstation by making immediate adjustments.

Workstation Evaluation

Experiencing discomfort or pain at your workstation? An ergonomic evaluation is necessary to reduce further risk of developing a repetitive strain injury. This evaluation begins with a survey assessing your work habits, equipment, and how you interact with your workspace. Next steps consist of an analysis of the workstation to identify the root cause of pain, adjustments to your workstation, recommendations on equipment (if needed), and helpful tips on stretching and break times. A summary of the evaluation, recommendations and resources will be sent via email. A 15 minute follow up appointment is included.

Parent Coaching

Too often, we find children hunched over playing a game on their smartphone, lying on the ground holding a tablet over their face or seated with their neck bent to view the laptop screen. Over time these poor postures can place stress on the neck, back and shoulder joints and lead to an overuse injury. This one hour virtual coaching meeting will provide parents with tips, strategies and equipment recommendations for an improved ergonomic setup for their child.